Team Members

SFC Team Members
Rob Fulp Chairman & CEO
Monte McNew President
Kirk Bossert Chief Financial Officer
Amy Kiefer Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President
Becky Scorse Chief Lending Officer & Senior Vice President
Whitney Morrow Senior Vice President - Treasury Services
Heather Ramsey Senior Vice President - Private Banking
DeAnn Floyd Chief Credit Officer & Senior Vice President
Nick Spinelli IT Officer & Senior Vice President
Tracey Quick Compliance Officer
Luke Fraser Senior Vice President - Commercial Loans
Joseph E. James Senior Vice President - Commercial Loans
Brandon West Senior Vice President - Commercial Loans
Joe Driscoll Vice President - Commercial Loans
Wendy Dunlap Vice President - Commercial Loans
Jonathan Fulp Assistant Vice President - Commercial Loans
Lisa Schuder Assistant Vice President - Consumer Loans
Ammy Annin Commercial Loan Assistant
Rachelle Marlin Commercial Loan Assistant
Krista Souser Commercial Loan Assistant
Beverly Williams Commercial Loan Assistant
Tyler Stalker Senior Vice President - Residential Lending Manager
Steve Mayfield Vice President - Mortgage Loan Originator
Davis Neal Vice President - Mortgage Loan Originator
JJ Zind Vice President - Mortgage Loan Originator
Sandy Sneed Vice President - Residential Mortgage Underwriter
Kathy Nichols Mortgage Loan Specialist
Alysha Turner Mortgage Loan Specialist
Diana Britain Assistant Vice President - Loan Administration
Karen Boswell Loan Administration Specialist
Ashley Larson Loan Administration Specialist
Eric Schmidt Assistant Vice President - Credit Dept. Manager
Christy McCue Associate Relationship Manager II
Brett Stufflebam Associate Relationship Manager I
Jerrod Harmon Credit Analyst
Bethany Horn Credit Intern
Stephanie Callahan Vice President - Operations
Staci Ogle Vice President - Operations & Secretary to the Board
James Reed Vice President - Operations
Aubrey Pierce Teller Supervisor
Rachel West Private Banking & Treasury Specialist
Kandice Higdon Operations Specialist
Jayme VanMeter Operations Specialist
Linda Zander Operations Specialist
Laquita Mustain Operations
Christy Maupin Personal Banker
Sarah Smith Personal Banker / Operations
Lisa Walton Personal Banker
Brenda Webster Receptionist