About Us

About Us

Planning for Springfield First Community Bank (SFC) began in the spring of 2008 as local business leaders began hearing from individuals about the need for a community bank in Springfield. Those individuals became shareholders as they gathered what would be the largest opening bank capital in the history of Springfield, and those leaders became Organizers as they co-opted perhaps what would become the strongest community bank management team and delivery platform in city history.  The bank opened October 24, 2008.

It is the common desire of the Organizers, Shareholders, and Management Team to form a strong independent community bank that keeps Springfield’s wealth at home and at work in Springfield. The citizens and merchants of Springfield have a vested interest in Springfield retaining this control over its assets and wealth. To that end, SFC was established for local decision making; being formed with local ownership, local employees, and local business people.

Our goal at Springfield First Community Bank will be the leading locally owned financial institution providing the local community with exceptional customer service, financial strength, and performance; meeting the financial needs of the community and the expectations of its associates, including Shareholders, Team Members, Board Members and customers.

Our local Directors are Jim Anderson, Jan Baumgartner, Bob Beine, Kirk Bossert, Noel Boyd, W. Brent Davis, Rob Fulp, Larry Lipscomb, Monte McNew, Charlie O’Reilly, Tim O'Reilly, and John Youngblood.


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